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Our Company was funded in Modena in 1971, from the idea of a teacher of Electronics working in the local electronic Technical Institute E. Fermi. At that time, Paolo Iori, teacher of the Electronic Laboratory, wanted to realize the first photoelectric sensor for ceramic industry machineries where mechanical sensors were normally used (nearby in Sassuolo an important group of the companies producing ceramic tiles was growing up soon becoming the main district worldwide for many years).

Together with a talent student, just graduated, Mauro Del Monte ,the first employee of the company, Mr.Iori realized this sensor. In this way, in a garage located close to the local town center, they laid the foundation stone of a successful industrial and entrepreneurial history.

A successful story like many others in our region, an area rich of entrepreneurs with bright ideas, strong initiative, will to do, technical abilities and full of courage. Captains of industry, often born from nothing, who wrote deep and wonderful entrepreneurial stories making this region an area with a high rate of industrialization, economic development and welfare.

Below is a summary of the main dates of our History:

1971: Diell Snc establishment.
1980: introduction of a new technology for sensors production called T.F.T. (Thick Film Technology).
1984: M.D. Micro Detectors S.r.l. establishment.
1988: Diell and TFT merge into M.D. Micro Detectors S.r.l..
1989: M.D. Micro Detectors S.r.l. changes into M.D. Micro Detectors S.p.A..
Inauguration of the new building in Strada Santa Caterina – Modena.
1991: Spanish branch in Barcelona establishment: Diell Iberica SA.
1995: M.D. Micro Detectors become part of Finmasi Group.
2001: M.D. Micro Detectors Spa changes the brand “Diell” into the new brand

This choice was forced by the initiative of a foreign company, which claimed the right of precedence on the brand “Diell” registration.

2011: adoption of the Lean Principles in operations and R&D areas. This process was completed in October
2012. later, the same approach has been applied to other areas.
2012: Chinese branch M.D. Micro Detectors (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. establishment.
2012: change of the name of our Spanish branch into Micro Detectors Iberica SAU.
2012: adoption of the new brand, symbol of our “made in Italy”