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Starting from the second half of 2011, M.D. Micro Detectors has introduced and endorsed the Lean Thinking concepts, which are presently driving and living in the whole company Organization. With Pride, M.D. may say to have a real Lean Working System granting to all its Customers the Highest Service Level and a Production System able to ensure Quantity, Efficiency and total Quality.

M.D. is proud to have a full integrated Process: from the New Products Development to the Shipment to the Customers. With this aim, in the last two years, the main strategical activities have been re-internalized.

The goals we reached thanks to “integration Strategy” are as follows:
  1. Increase in Production Capacity
  2. High Flexibility
  3. Total Control of Manufacturing Processes
  4. Technology Control
With the Lean Thinking Introduction, the Organization and all daily People Behaviours, have been adapted to the constant Application of such principles:

- Efficiency
- Flow
- Standardization
- Continuous Improvement
- Visual Management
- Simplification
- Team Working
- Reduction of all Indirect and “No Value Added” Activitiesv

Lean in Operations: The Company Heart
Through the complete revised Factory Lay Out, the radical Organization Change and the realization of new Pre Assembly and Assembly lines, M.D. obtained significant results in Efficiency and Production Capacity, Throughput Time Reduction, Rationalization of the available Spaces and of the Working Capital.

Lean in Research & Development: The Company Brain
Together with the new Products Road Map Activation, something never happened before in the whole Company History, the Lean Principles Application have been enlarged to the Research & Development Area. Through the revised Organization and the Development Process Improvement, M.D. got important results in the Efficiency Increase and Time to Market Reduction both for the new products Development and the Present Range Customization.

The Lean Company
Thanks to a proper and, without Exageration, “definable” Revolution, today M.D. can supply to all Customers the Highest Service and Flexibility level from all points of view.