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Up against the epochal economical change started at the end of 2008, our Company approach was very dynamic and responsive: we decided to face the Future and Its Uncertainties with an Enterprising Spirit and a Long Term Vision.

Fearless and Full of Enthusiasm, starting from the second half of 2011 we performed a real Revolution in our Organization, with the following targets:

- Increase of the Efficiency and Performances at all Company Levels;
- Increase of both the Production Capacity and the Productivity;
- Launch of a huge number of new Products;
- Reduction of the «Time to Market » both in the New Products Development and in the Customization of the Existing Products Offer;
- Development of New Technology;
- Strengthening of Our Team.

Moreover, M.D. decided to value the Industrial Activity in Italy, investing meaningfully in its own Italian Structure. We want to show not only chatting but with concrete Facts, that in Europe and in Italy, it is still possible to produce sensors which for Quality, Performances, Efficiency and Service can compete and win with all Sensors Producers settled in other Countries where there are significant cost advantages.

We feel really proud of what our People are realizing to reach such a Target. The Excellent Technological level of this Company, coming from 42 years of Activity, has been highlighted from the most modern Management and Production Process, and also from the strong Passion and Well-Established Working Culture of our Persons.

For the ones still not knowing us, we believe that the best way to have a clear Picture of our Products, our Capabilities and our Structure is to visit us. To see with their own eyes who we are, what we are doing and how we are performing all this, is the right approach to realize that M.D. Micro Detectors is the right Partner for all Companies believing in Excellence, in Efficiency and in Quality.