The new reflex area sensors - CR0 model - are one of the latest products launched on the market by M.D. Micro Detectors with the aim to provide its customers with more and more advanced and performing devices for the detection of the presence of objects in industrial environments.

With the latter product M.D. Micro Detectors completes the new range of CX area sensors going to use a similar mechanical and realizing a photoelectric array with reflector able to further expand the range of application solutions of the CX family products.

We recall the main features of the CR0 as follows:

  • height of controlled area: 69 mm max. 
  • operating distance: up to 5 m 
  • min. detectable object: Ø 6 mm up to 2 m and Ø 10 mm up to 4,5 m 
  • two types of teach-in: standard and precise 
  • Pitch of optics: 10 mm 
  • Protection degree: IP67 
The major innovation introduced in CR0 is the availability of models with IO-Link communication. In fact, after the ultrasonic sensors, M.D. Micro Detectors continues its path in the world of Industry 4.0 offering a compact product to the market, highly performing, which can be remotely configured and able to return to the own user a series of useful information for monitoring the controlled area and the sensor itself.

For more information you can have a look at MD News 9 and 10, at the General Catalogue 2017 or else by contacting yr sales key account.
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