The new Applicative photoelectric sensors FL series will be available starting from February. They are "through beam” sensors with infrared emission and "T-style”; a couple can be installed as for standard M18 sensors but with reduced dimensions.

Although born for a specific application, ie that of car washes, they can be used in all installations with stringent space constraints and where an excellent immunity to ambient light and other environmental factors (dust, water drops) is required.

Both the emission and the reception have been optimized in order to work in conditions of high brightness and in harsh environments such as those in which we find the presence of water spray. The housing is made in plastic and the electronics are completely encapsulated in epoxy resin, thus guaranteeing a high level of robustness.

The sensors are easy to install and do not require configuration or teach-in. Both the emitter and the receiver are synchronized and encoded via cable and this allows them to be more immune to external disturbances and not to interfere in the case of sensors mounted close together.

This product is available in two versions: "Standard” and "High Sensing”, which differ, among other things, from the irradiated optical intensity and the relative emission lobe. The "High Flow” version guarantees operation even in the presence of water spray or transparent interfering objects avoiding false switching.

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