As for UK1 and UK6 sensors, UT family - composed of M30 cylindrical ultrasonic sensors by M.D. Micro Detectors - is equipped with the Io-Link system to make them functional and compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements.

Io-Link in the "Smart Sensor Profile” configuration is a simple and complete platform for the user, in which it is possible to select two different ways of adjusting the ultrasonic beam: "standard” or "narrow”. This will result in greater accuracy of use.

The Io-Link is just one of the implementations and improvements that have affected the UT sensors. Also in the M30 series it is now possible to select three different functions in one sensor, simply by pressing the teach button. The combination of the signaling LEDs (Green Led for the received echo and two Yellow LEDs for the two outputs activated), ensures that the choice is made correctly, but above all indicates the selected functionality in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to a new simplified programming menu.

UT sensors can boast:
  • long nominal sensing distance: 3,5 mt. (UT1B models), 6 mt. (UT2F models), 8 mt. (UT5L models).
  • single digital output (NPN or PNP – NO/NC) with synchronism, to avoid interferences in those applications where more than one ultrasonic sensor is used;
  • single analog output (voltage or current – positive/negative ramp) with synchronism;
  • mixed output (1 digital + 1 analog) with synchronism;
  • double digital output (NPN or PNP – standard window/coded window/hysteresis) with synchronism;
  • double digital output (NPN or PNP – standard window/coded window/hysteresis) + 1 analog output (current or voltage) without synchronization function.
The new UT range also guarantees greater reliability on more complex applications and greater accuracy for analog versions, while also increasing the solvable applications by extending the power range to 10-30 Vdc and thus including in fact all those applications where batteries are used.

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