Products Applications
Agriculture vehicles
Earth moving and Agriculture Vehicles
Presence and height detection of plants in agriculture vehicles
Automatic machine
Soap and waxes level control in automatic car washing systems
Building automation
Water level control in whirlpool baths
Hands protection in tiles stacking process
Food, beverage & tobacco
Bottling process in harsh environment
Detection of food in automatic mangers
Objects detection in dairy and pork meat factories
General manifacturing
Coils distance detection
Control of strap oscillation in the polishing machines
Detection of objects coming out from ovens
Fingers and hands protection in automated areas and assembly lines
Level control in silos for liquids and powders storaged
Plastes detection in polishing machines
Presence control of operators for waste collection vehicles
Flat panels detection in glass cutting machines
Metal & steel
Fingers and hands protection in presses
Metals & mining
Marble and granit panles presence control
Goods detection inside boxes
Rubben & plastic
Hands protection in injection molding machines
Photovoltaic panels presence detection and positioning
Hands protection in textile machines
Trucks & other vehicols
Control of stabilizer extension for hydraulic cranes
Vending machines
Freeze-dried products detection in vending machines
Access control in load/unload warehouse areas
Detecting of moving metal parts in automated warehouses and automated areas
Material handling: forklifts
Waste management
Level control of waste in deposits waste disposal