Products Applications
Photoelectric Sensors
> Cubic
> Cylindrical
> Fiber optic amplifiers
> Forks
> IP69K
> M18 short housing
> Optical fibre
Ultrasonic Sensors
> Cubic
> Forks
> M18
> M18 short housing
> M30
Proximity Sensors
> AC and AC/DC inductive sensors
> Analogue inductive sensors
> Cubic capacitive sensors
> Cubic inductive sensors
> Cylindrical capacitive sensors
> DECOUT NPN/PNP - NO/NC inductive sensors
> High temparature inductive
> IP68 inductive sensors
> IP69K inductive sensors
> Metal Face
> Miniaturized inductive sensors
> Standard inductive sensors
Area Sensors
> Area Sensors
> Special area sensors
> Control unit type 2
> Safety light curtains type 2
> Safety light curtains type 4
> Single beam photoelectric sensors type 2 and type 4
Applicative Sensors
> Carwashes photoelectric sensors
> Control unit for miniaturized sensors
> Forks for edge detection
> Inclination and vibration sensors
> Luminescence and contrast scanners
> Photoelectric sensors with preamplifier
> Time of Flight
> Elastic Couplings
> Encoder
> Cable
> Connections
> Fiber optics
> Installation accessories
> Reflectors
> Safety installation accessories
M.D. Micro Detectors is also able to offer and realize Catalogue Products Customization, based on the customer specific needs, as well as to develop and realize innovative solutions for industrial applications of its technology.

The quality Standards of our Products are very high, thanks to the strict tests performed during our production process, not only at the end of it. Our Products are also certified by the 24-36 months warranty.

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