We are proud to say that this is MD style: people feeling that work is not just a necessity and an obligation, but first of all a pleasure. A continuous challenge, an instrument to fulfill one’s aspirations and at the same time create something that can be useful for everyone, inside and outside our company. People that do not give up but rather face problems and challenges with determination and adrenaline.  

This is MD style: Team Spirit, Professionalism, Quality, Courage, Initiative, Elbow Grease and huge Quantity. Without exception. Without reserve. Each one of us must be a living example of this Company Philosophy, every day and every minute. Each one of us must always be at the forefront, ahead of everyone else and beside many others who are daily on the front line.  

This is MD style: be proud and enthusiastic of what has been done and achieved, but at the same time consider it as meaningless and focus on what is yet to be done and achieved. This is the secret to realize everything we intend to implement.

Our Excellences

Technology: the technological M.D. level, Performances and Reliability of our products are well known on the Market.

Tradition: More than 40 years of activity mean Great Tradition.

Quality of Products: our products are recognized on the Market as Quality Products.

Longlife of Products: it is one of the main characteristics recognized from the Market.

Customizations of Catalogue Products: MD can provide Customization of Catalogue Products with extreme reactivity and in a reasonably short time.

Service Performances: MD has a high Service standard, with particular reference to delivery time and response time.

Manufacturing Efficiency: our people can provide high performances in terms of Efficiency, Manufacturing Capacity, Reactivity and Flexibility.

Technical Abilities: our Staff is made by people with high technical abilities.

Work Culture: there is a deep Work Culture. Our people have a strong involving work approach.

Enthusiasm: people outside recognize that our staff shows a strong enthusiasm. MD Team is identified by its strong Commitment and High Motivation.

Economic-Financial Solidity: MD is a solid company able to guarantee continuity.

Reliability: MD is a company able to fulfill its promises.

Vitality: Our Products Plan highlights a lively company that we are alive and strongly oriented to the future.

M.D. Working Approach

Our products

Organization Flow

Our Company is strongly orientated to the Customer.

All managers with responsibility tasks must be supporting the ones with operational roles and normally having direct contacts outside (customers, suppliers, consultants, institutions, financial institutions, etc..).

People having responsibility roles must be constantly "on the field“, always in touch with internal and external reality of our company.

This is the graphical representation of our Organization Flow: